Anyland Webpage Commands

You can have your own webpage's JavaScript communicate with Anyland. You can both send messages, as well as receive them. There's also a command to close the page.

Messages from Webpage → Anyland

You can pass messages from the page into Anyland via

AnylandTell("some string");
AnylandTellAny("some string");

// Or better guarded, use e.g.:
if (window.AnylandTell) {
    AnylandTell("some string");

Then inside Anyland, receive the "some string" data via the usual

When told some string then ...
When told by any some string then ...

"When told" receives from "AnylandTell", but requires the sender and receiver to be within the same Thing creation. "When told by any" receives from "AnylandTellAny", and allows the sending and receiving Things to be different ones, messaging all across the area.

Messages from Anyland → Webpage

Reversely, the webpage can receive tells. Send them from Anyland via

When ... then tell web some string

... and receive them inside the JavaScript via ...

AnylandTold(data, isAuthority);

Note the data parameter (e.g. "some string") arrives in all lower-case. The boolean value "isAuthority" will tell you if the current client is the authoritative client in the area at the moment.

More commands

A general command you can use to close the current browser page that was opened in Anyland is