Anyland is an open virtual reality universe to create your home, chat with others, explore & live in!

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"Make anything using primitive shapes, become the things you make by sticking them into yourself, build your own world, teleport to other worlds that people make and talk to people while you do it. It's wonderful." - Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time

"Where all my VR time is going right now ... You don't have to be an artist, just have some amount of curiosity and off you go. AMAZING!" - Choates

"You can make anything you want, animate it, make it play sounds, make it a weapon, you can do ANYTHING. I would [recommend] this to anyone!" - Emilywafflesyay

"Finally, my dream of becoming a mantis was reached ... It really is an amazing experience." - Caidicus

"Possibly the most addictive, creative and fun thing I have done in VR yet!" - GraphicsMonkey

"I am considering calling out of work for the rest of the week ... 10/10" - OiCory

"It will really tap into that urge to create your own worlds in the way you want, and then bring your friends into it to just hang out." - Sephon

"You can literally build anything you can think of. It also features a simple yet powerful scripting tool to change and manipulate what you build." - Shruxilo

"The freedom you have to create and do so many different things is incredible" - cdnguy31

"Anyland is addictive to say the least." - JoOngle

"Fantastic fun ... Easy to get started, but also possible to build complex stuff with scripting" - Ronny

"This is what you've been waiting for." - Koko969w

"The community is great and it is crazy being able to see people you are talking to as if you are actually there." - Un Poisson Rouge

"Creation is addictive and you will find yourself thinking of ideas faster than you can create them after a short while!" - Rukkus

"Mind blowing ...So much you can do....So many pals popping in.." - MrLeadFellow

"Extremely addicting and entertaining" - Nick Willing

"Already I'm immersed and planning what to build. A castle? Battle arena? A store?! Anything really... Anyland is made in such a way that there is so much possibility from simple to complex objects to animation. " - Zerofynite

Anyland has a sibling called Manyland.